RFE proudly offers its high performance Agency Approved Film Capacitors.  Y2, X1, X2 with voltages going through 310V.

Y2X1 Series is Agency Approved by UL, Europe and China
X2 Series has both MPX and MPY types.

Metalized Polypropolyne for self healing and for compact design.

Products are box type for excellent environmental protection.

Excellent availibility

RFE Ceramic Capacitors are offered in SMD (surface mount) and Leaded types.
Construction is both Disk type and Multilayer
Class 1 and Class 3 types are more popular.

Disk type voltages go as high as 10KV

Multilayer Chips and Leaded Ceramic Capacitors have Voltage ratings as high as 3,000V

The RFE product range included Diodes, Rectifiers and Bridges

Diodes are available in Surface Mount and Leaded. Switching, Zener, TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors), and Schottkly

Rectifiers are available in Surface Mount and Leaded.  General Purpose, High Effeciency, Fast Recovery, Super Fast Recovery

Bridges are available in Surface Mount, Leaded and Terminal construction.