About Us


Welcome to our Company Website!

RFE International Inc. was formed in April 1984. Beginning with a small office and warehouse in Costa Mesa, California, the company has continued to grow in sales and size.
With a history of over 38 years in the industry, RFE has benefited many customers in their quest for specific components for hard to solve issues. 
RFE actively serves manufacturing customers with high quality electronic components that are produced in Asia and North AmericaOur products are focused both on traditional product applications as well as emerging market segments. 

Key Markets:

Our products include surface mount (SMD) devices and leaded components to meet your need on following application : 
  • Lighting Products
  • Industrial Controls 
  • Energy Management
  • Power Supplies and Power Management
  • Automotive, Transportation
  • Secuity, Fire & Safety 
  • People Movers
  • Application include Digial & Power Management


Services Summary

RFE International Inc. can provide you with the following purchasing, inventory and manufacturing services:
  • Engineer team for product design and application assistance
  • Domestic Inventory
  • Just-In-Time Schedules
  • International Logistic Management
  • Quality Assurance