Polyester Metalized Film Capacitors

NEW Higher temperature Metalized Polyester Film Capacitor Specifications

MMetal Polyester Film Capacitors are known for their reliability and excellent electrical performance. The polyester film used as the dielectric material provides exceptional electrical insulation properties, allowing the capacitors to operate reliably, even at high voltages. Metalized Polyester film capacitors exhibit excellent self-healing properties. In the event of localized dielectric breakdown, the capacitor can repair itself, preventing catastrophic failures and ensuring long-term reliability.

Metal Polyester Film Capacitors offer stable capacitance values over a wide range of operating temperatures. They have a long lifespan and robust construction with moisture-resistant properties ensure that the capacitors can withstand challenging environmental conditions, making them suitable for applications where reliability and durability are essential.


The effort to get standard Metal Polyester Film Capacitors to operate at even higher temperatures is ongoing and we have made a big stride in this area. We have several Metal Polyester Film Capacitor series which now have operating temperatures up to 125°C.Having a higher peak temperature offers several advantages, with the obvious being more flexibility for the customer designs and a more durable device at higher temperatures.


Below are the Metal Polyester Film Capacitor series, with new higher temperature capability and the temperature ranges.

MES --40°C ~ +125°C (Vr derated 1.25% per °C, over 105°C) – Miniature, epoxy coated.

MDD --40°C ~ +125°C (Vr derated 1.25% per °C, over 105°C) – Standard size, epoxy coated.

MDF --40°C ~ +125°C (Vr derated 1.25% per °C, over 105°C) -  Large size, epoxy coated.

MEB --40°C ~ +125°C (Vr derated 1.25% per °C, over 105°C) -  Standard size plastic encapsulated

Some common Metalized Polyester Film Capacitors applications are:

  • Automotive Controls and Charging Devices
  • Battery Charger
  • LED Lighting
  • Lighting Controllers and Ballasts
  • Power Supply
  • Motor/Process Controllers
  • Industrial Controls
  • Appliance & Appliance Controls


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MES - Epoxy, LS=5mm -40°C ~ +125°C (Vr derated 1.25% per °C over 105°C) 0.001μF ~ 1.2μF 50Vdc ~ 630Vdc
MDD - Epoxy, LS: 7.5mm~27.5mm -40°C ~ +125°C (Vr derated 1.25% per °C over 105°C) 0.01μF ~ 10μF 100Vdc ~ 1000Vdc
MDF - Epoxy LS: 7.5mm~42.5mm -40°C ~ +125°C (Vr derated 1.25% per °C over 105°C) 0.01μF ~ 10μF 100Vdc ~ 630Vdc
MDTD - for Active Filtering Circuits -40°C ~ +110°C (Vr derated 1.5% per °C over 85°C) 0.033μF ~ 3.3μF 450Vdc & 630Vdc
MEB - Encapsulated -40°C ~ +125°C (Vr derated 1.25% per °C over 105°C) 0.01μF ~ 10μF 100Vdc ~ 1KVdc